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Post  3v4n19 on Thu Dec 06, 2012 12:42 am

Name: Jordan
In Game Name:3v4n19
Date of Birth: 5/5/1997
Gender: Male
Skype: No mic or Camera but might get one for Christmas
I want to be a moderator because I love helping people. I was raised in a home that always taught me to help people.
I think ill be good at this job because I am very helpful and know how to do almost everything in tekkit.
I have had some experience before. When I use to play minecraft I was a mod in a server that is now shut down because of lack of people.
I have been on the server for almost 2 months.
I can be on the server almost every day.
I have never been banned before.
I dont rage ever i just laugh.
I am in 10 grade.
If a member was cussing at another i would listen to both sides and then determine what to do based on what is happening

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