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Post  brennanp on Thu Dec 06, 2012 7:17 pm

Nickname (Or First Name): __Brennan______

In Game Name: __brennanpeters______

Date Of Birth (Optional): ____jul 13 ,1999____

Gender: __male______

Do you have skype? If so share your username: _rangers9876543210______

Why I want to be moderator: ____I love this server and I intend to make it beteter. I will enforce the rules and follow the rules myself._____

Why I think I will be good for the job: ___I am very good a tekkit and i can give people hints and I want to inforce the rules. I love this server and want it to keep running. So i tend to keep people following the rules for a longer server life._____

Have you had any experience being a staff member before? And where and can you give any information about it: ___Yes sorry i cant the Server is down for matnince and i cant talk t anybody about it.______

How long have you been on the server: _____2 months____

How old are you: _____12 1/2____

How often can you be on the server: ____Mostly every day.____

Have you ever been banned before: ___No I follow the rules._____

Do I rage easily: ___No i dont i like to have fun with other mods_____

What grade are you in: ____6th___

If you found a member cussing out another member what would you say and how would you react to the current situation?: ____I would mute the player until he can appoligise to the other person. If he dosent appoligise i will temp ban him for 5 days._____


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