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Post  mousers_teh_epic on Thu Dec 06, 2012 9:41 pm

Nickname (Or First Name): Nick

In Game Name: mousers_teh_epic

Date Of Birth (Optional): 1997

Gender: male

Do you have skype? If so share your username: none.ya55

Why I want to be moderator: I wish to help the server with those who abuse the rules and make the game less fun to play.

Why I think I will be good for the job: I've been staff a time or two before and i think i know a bit about the staff position, I will try to be as fair as possible to everybody on the server and watch for those who break the rules.

Have you had any experience being a staff member before? And where and can you give any information about it: i've been admins and mod on a few servers, i do not think any of those server are up today. I think i did a good job but not all servers stay up forever Surprised.

How long have you been on the server: 2 months

How old are you: 15

How often can you be on the server: Atleast an hour a day everyday, prolly more. (unless something comes up)

Have you ever been banned before: Yes, i honestly have.

Do I rage easily: No, not really. Atleast i do not think so... i seem to get along with others

What grade are you in: 10

If you found a member cussing out another member what would you say and how would you react to the current situation?: I would see both sides of the situation and tell him to tone down his language, if he was doing it for a rather stupid i may give him a warning.


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